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Symposium ‘Comparing Building Blocks of Life’

On the occasion of Walter Pirovano defending his thesis ‘Comparing building blocks of life — Sequence alignment and evaluation of predicted structural and functional features’, the IBIVU will organise a symposium:

Date and Venue
Date: Friday 15 January, 2010
Time: 9.00-12.00
Location: VU — W&N building room C121

09.00Coffee & Tea
09.15Opening & Introduction
09.30• Des Higgins Fast scalable clustering of huge numbers of sequences (for making guide trees)
10.00• Willy Taylor What to do with poor alignments and bad secondary structure predictions?
10.30Coffee Break
10.45• Jack Leunissen Perspective of orthology
11.15• Roland Siezen Prediction and comparison of extracellular proteins of bacteria
11.45Closing remarks

Download the Poster


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